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The ultimate wellbeing consultation

40 minutes for you to speak and ask about anything from sleeping issues, boosting your immune system, nutrition questions, hormonal health, stress management, anxiety and more.. 

Wellbeing is rarely one-size-fits-all and no two people are the same, and I’ll work with you as an individual to help you to retrieve your true happy self.

It is ideal for you if:​

  • you want to speak about you  to a caring and dedicated healthcare professional 

  • you need to let your emotions out in a safe and friendly space

  • you would like to implement healthy habits and strategies to cope with stress and anxiety

  • you would like to strengthen your immune system naturally

  • you would like to increase your energy by sleeping better and eating the right foods

  • you want to gain back control on your the main areas of your wellbeing and thrive 

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