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You - don't - have to be grateful

Gratitude is the new black. These days, no journaling session starts without a coach/spiritual mentor telling you to write down your daily gratitude. Being thankful, and telling it, recently became a new form of therapy.

What if I tell you that your journaling, your daily reflection doesn’t need to be an expression of your gratitude? Let’s not lock your emotions in another pre-shaped box.

I understand that practicing gratitude comes from a good place with the best intentions, and most days we can find tons of reasons to be grateful. But the truth is some days we can’t find any. Some days writing them down doesn’t help. And it’s ok.

Your emotions are enough. Just as they are.

They don’t have to be shaped or fill pretty purposes.

If you feel joy I want you to write it down.

If you feel ashamed, angry, unmotivated, jealous, embrace it, and let’s work on it.

Don’t feel guilty today because you couldn’t express your gratefulness in any way!

Instead, let’s cultivate Enthusiasm, the ability to feel joy, to hear your heart sing, and feel the tingling sensation of pure excitement.

You will say thank you if you feel like doing it, to yourself, to the people that count, to life and the Universe, when your heart will be full enough. And your soul, calm and content.

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