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This is how you fight inflammation

Inflammation is a 2 sided personality: it’s your body’s natural way of protecting itself when you’re injured or sick and it can help your body defend itself from illness and stimulate healing.

But in overdrive and above all, chronically, it becomes dangerous and can lead to conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

If you are dealing with any issues that are linked to inflammation - especially conditions with « flare ups » (eczema, IBS, auto immune disorders), you might want to steer clear of the foods on the first slide and then try to incorporate more anti inflammatory foods like pictured in the 2nd slide.

Foods that can cause inflammation:

❌Processed meats

❌Food additives & preservatives

❌Processed seed and vegetable oils

❌Refined carbs

❌Conventional dairy

Foods that can fight inflammation:

🔆Fatty fish

🔆Green leafy vegetables

🔆Green tea


🔆Extra Virgin Olive Oil

An anti-inflammatory diet, along with exercise and good sleep, may provide many benefits:

• Improvement of symptoms of arthritis, inflammatory bowel syndrome, lupus, and other autoimmune disorders

• Decreased risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, depression, cancer, and other diseases

• Reduction in inflammatory markers in your blood

• Better blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels

• Improvement in energy and mood

✨To find out what triggers your flares up, or just how adopting an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle can reduce chronic inflammation to help you stay healthy and slow down aging, book a one to one consultation now!

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