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Monday thoughts on intuitive eating

Being mindful about what you eat doesn’t mean you have an unhealthy relationship with food.

Let me be clear here, eating intuitively is a wonderful thing: when it comes to your relationship with food it should actually be the goal. To have no negative/obsessive thoughts about food, no foods labelled as « bad », just eating when hungry, enjoying each and every bite in a mindful and peaceful way.

But it’s also confusing. Does it mean eating whatever we want? You might think: "If my body crave it, I probably need it". Let me disagree on this.

Cravings are not always a reflection of your body needs. For example not getting enough healthy fats and protein can trigger your brain and lead to sugar cravings.

The « cancel diet culture » and all foods fits groups forgot to discern between a real food and a chemical s*** storm with the impact of food choice on inflammation, mental health, metabolic status, immune health and more! The uncomfortable truth is highly processed food is bad for you, and designed for you to overconsume it.

So what should you do?

I believe that there’s a healthy and happy place right in the middle.

Know your food! Get yourself involved in your food choices, learn about nutrients! Learn a little about how your organs are functioning. They deserve care and kindness, just as your outward appearance does.

We are surrounded by self love messages, posts and influencers from all backgrounds are preaching that body positive movement (and it’s great!) but let’s start with the basics.

Think about self love as a love relationship. When you fall in love you decide to commit to this person because you got to know her. You want to know every detail, what she likes, what makes her mad, what makes her happy, so you make it special. You shape the love you give. You just don’t buy flowers, you buy her favorite.

Just as choosing the people we surround ourselves with and setting social boundaries is healthy, choosing the foods we allow to enter our bodies and setting boundaries is necessary.

Honor your body! Food can bring you comfort and pleasure without destroying your health, I promise!

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