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Frequent headaches?

Many of us have experienced a headache at some point during our life and can recognize the signs and symptoms with ease. But if you have to deal with it on a more frequent basis, it can disrupt your day-to-day life. The good news is that you may be able to reduce their frequency by identifying what brings them on. Genetics, inflammation of blood vessels in the brain, imbalances in brain chemicals, such as serotonin, which helps regulate pain in the nervous system, can be involved in headaches at different levels. But external factors (those you can act on !) play a huge part in frequency, intensity and duration. Here's a look at the most common triggers. ✖️Dehydration - This one is major ! Proper hydration is key and you can notice headaches after being even slightly dehydrated. ✖️Certain foods - Foods such as dairy, chocolate, alcohol can all set off a headache or migraine depending on your sensitivities. Processed foods with nitrites, MSG or dyes can be especially problematic. ✖️Posture - Poor posture cause tension in your upper back, neck and shoulders & can lead to tension headaches. ✖️Environmental factors - Things such as room sprays /artificial scented candles are a big trigger for a lot of people. ✖️ Blue light - The light coming off your TV and computer falls into this category. Think blue blockers ! ✖️Stress and lack of sleep - Lack of sleep reduces the body’s threshold for experiencing pain and can spark intense headaches. ✖️Hormones - Headaches, especially migraine headaches, have been linked to the female hormone estrogen. A drop in estrogen levels can trigger a headache. Still experiencing headaches after removing /avoiding the main triggers ? Some natural remedies & treatments (magnesium, physical therapy, B vitamins & herbal supplements) as well as small changes in your daily routines can help relieving pain and discomfort, and even get rid of headaches. ⚠️The following headache symptoms mean you should get medical help right away: A sudden, new, severe headache that comes with: Weakness, dizziness, sudden loss of balance or falling, numbness or tingling, or can't move your body. Trouble with speech, confusion, seizures, personality changes, or inappropriate behaviour.

✨If you want to discuss headaches and how to alleviate your symptoms, book a one to one consultation now!

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