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The Holistic Nurse

 I'm a French registered nurse with 9 years of experience, doing one to one consultations on everyday health and emotional wellbeing in English and in French too. 

I've always been passionate about nutrition and was (and still!) a firm believer that a good physical and mental health was directly impacted by the food we consume and the way we deal with our emotions. 

Five years ago I started doing nurse-led health and nutrition consultation in a private clinic in Paris with bariatric & plastic surgeons for patients to lose weight and stabilise prior surgery and /or less invasive procedures. I was mostly working with low carb, paleo nutrition plans and I evolved on a more holistic, patient centered approach. ​

I learned that focusing on the roots of the concern (whether it's weight gain, skin issues or bloating for example) allows for the right adjustments and ultimately regain that sense of wellbeing.​ My medical background gave me a rigorous, science and evidence-based approach, while I’m keeping an open mind for natural care and eastern modality.​

I created The Holistic Nurse to be a safe, reassuring and friendly space, where you can be heard and guided: where your everyday health truly matters. The jungle of food trends, spiritual gurus, diet coaches is overwhelming but I’m here to answer your health and wellbeing questions in a simple, realistic and efficient way.